I-I don't understand. Why do you want me to say my name?

I am Castiel, and I am an angel of the Lord. Sam made this "blog" for me, but I'm afraid that I don't quite understand what I am supposed to do. Please be patient with me as I determine whether or not this is of import.

[Occasionally a NSFW blog.]

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sonofarifleman sent:

Cas, you okay? Heard you got hit with some kind of curse, or something.

The angel nodded, trying to remain still so that he wouldn’t accidentally tickle himself.

"Yes, I was hit with … something. I cannot seem to do anything without tickling myself, and it is incredibly unfortunate." 

A small chuckle escaped him when he put his arms against his side, his features morphing into a scowl shortly afterwards.

Anonymous sent:

m!a: Suddenly, you are incredibly, incredibly ticklish. This lasts for two hours.

Castiel tensed up on instinct at the curse, glancing around in slight confusion.

"I do not understand, what does it mean to be ticklish?"

His trench coat brushed across his side through his button-up, and a shiver went through him as a brief chuckle passed through his lips. This was certain to be an odd two hours, and the angel hoped that no one attempted to touch him until the curse passed.

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An Unfortunate Situation [Castiel&Dean]



As he made his way down the road, Castiel was beginning to realize just how bad the situation was.

He was in an unfamiliar town, on a seemingly-abandoned stretch of highway in the middle of the night, his grace was completely depleted here for reasons he was unsure of, and to make matters worse it was pouring.

Turning his gaze upward, he tried to use the stars to determine where he was as a last resort. Unfortunately, all he got was a face full of blinding rain. “Damn this vessel and its inability to see through harsh weather conditions!” By this point, he was beyond his normal stoic behavior and simply began to get angry.

Castiel was starting to regret coming here. He thought he’d finally found the Winchesters, but instead ended up zapping to the outskirts of a small town and losing his power the moment he stepped into it. That was a few hours ago. Now, the barrier seemed to have expanded, because he found himself walking way past the city limits and still having no power.

He was very nervous about what could be after him, especially if it had the power to bar his grace from him. Once again, he was in a terrible situation due to the Winchesters. But this time, it didn’t seem like they were going to help him out of this one.

There was a noise behind him, steadily growing louder as the seconds ticked on. He spun on his heels and pulled out the blade he kept hidden in his sleeve, on guard for whatever it could be as the source of the noise came into view.

The loud rumbling of a black ‘67 Impala was punctuated by a loud screech as Dean pressed down on the brake, wincing. His baby needed her brakes fixed, pronto. They sounded like a thousand small children presented with Paranormal Activity 4.

The grinding metal whined to a stop as the car came to an abrupt halt by Castiel. …No, really, Castiel. Dean blinked out at the rain, staring for a long pause. “What the hell are you— What the hell are you doing here!?” Dean called, remembering to roll down the window halfway through his sentence. It was pouring, like full-on pouring, and Castiel was getting soaked. He kinda looked like he was going to kill something. Well, Dean shrugged, I’m always up for that. Still, murderous angels were usually a bad thing. Even Cas could be scary as fuck if he wanted to.

“Need a ride?” Dean didn’t even bother hiding dry tinge of his words, leaning slightly out the window and getting quietly irritated with the rain on his jacket. Cas had been gone for longer than he’d bet on, and Sam and him had just been beginning to get worried. Then again, Sam was always worried. Goddamn puppy-eyed pansy.

Dean looked to Cas expectantly, raising his eyebrows in a familiar semi-pissy expression that clearly stated ‘hurry up and get in the car or I’m leaving you here, you are getting rainwater on my seats’.

Realizing that it was only Dean in the Impala, Castiel slowly put his blade away. It took him a moment to process that the hunter had actually spoken to him, and he simply blinked slowly as he understood that Dean wanted him to get into the car.

The angel jogged over to the car and opened the passenger’s side door, sliding in quickly and shutting the door. He flinched a little at the sound of it closing, but other than that remained his usual stoic self, the mask back in place the minute he had heard the Impala behind him.

Being so caught up in the fact that he had managed to locate the hunter, it was a few seconds before he remembered why he was out here in the first place. “I was looking for you, Dean. I ended up outside of a small town a few miles back, with no power. My grace is gone due to some barrier, so I have had to walk this way and hope to find where it ends. Unfortunately, I have not discovered it yet.”

Castiel sighed and shivered, the rain having seeped through all of his layers of clothing. He ignored the cold, though, and turned to look at Dean. “What are you doing out here? Where is Sam, is he all right?” The angel figured that Sam was fine, but he still felt the need to ask since it was rare that the Winchester brothers were separated.

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Defying Explanation [Castiel&Sherlock]

Castiel adjusted his trench coat as he walked through the crowd of people, trying to avoid everyone on the streets of New York City. He had one destination in mind, and stopping to move out of everyone’s way was just taking up too much time.

The angel had wanted to just mojo his way into the hotel room, but Dean had once again told him before he left that it would draw too much attention to him, so he reluctantly refrained. Walking around in a busy city was not really something that Castiel enjoyed.

He had come to New York with Dean and Sam on a hunt, but he decided to separate from them for a bit so he could check in on someone. Someone he knew from London was staying in a hotel in this city and called him, so the angel thought he would stop by and ask if the man required his assistance.

So there Castiel was, coming to a halt to stand outside of some grand hotel that he didn’t even bother checking the name of, walking inside and going to the elevator after looking up at the hotel for a couple of seconds. He got in and pressed the number 5, already able to sense where the man was in the building.

A few moments later, the elevator dinged and he stepped out, walking down the hall until he finally got to the right door. Room 221, why was he not surprised? Raising his hand, Castiel sighed and knocked on the hotel room door of none other than Sherlock Holmes, brightest mind of London and one of the angel’s only friends.

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An Angel. hmmm. You aren’t prone to weeping are you?

Castiel tilted his head in confusion, “No, I do not weep. What does that have to do with angels?”

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